The Heartbeat

Legacy 2020

In order to complete our sanctuary remodel project we prayed and believed that we were to take a mortgage out on our property. This mortgage is set to close the end of May thru the First of June. We are believing for when the time comes for that loan to close, we can tell the lender here is the full payment and we dont need the mortgage any more. As we sit right now the projected loan amount is $1.1 Million when it closes. We are asking the Lord to give us an amount He would like us to give to be apart of this Legacy 2020, So on Easter Sunday 2020, we will collect the Legacy Offering and every penny we receive on that day will be going directly to pay off this mortgage!

The Heartbeat

The heartbeat campaign is not about a building - it is driven by our love for God and providing a tool and resource to love people.


Visioneering, our consultants, have provided a plan that can be accomplished in phases for the renovation of our facility to match present ministry and future vision. we can now work through their ideas to establish the next step in our campaign. Visioneering has determined that we have enough building to accommodate immediate and future growth. The following ideas and graphics will help you see the way we intend to modify our footprint.


The new Lift Cafe is intended to become a target space for people to gather every day to interact, relax and find refuge. This cafe can potentially be a connect point for small groups, evangelistic sharing, and provide financial support to causes important to our mission.


The plan will create a secure check-in location for families with a direct entrance from the backside of the church. Dedicated "family parking" will encourage our approach to a more secure ministry for families. Upstairs spaces will be reconfigured to house elementary ages, including a sensory room for special needs families. An elevator will be added to provide everyone aceess to the second floor.


The existing balcony stairs will be walled up to give the room a fresh look with acoustical applications to improve audio quality. Lighting, sound and visual quality will be improved with the latest technology. The present balcony will be cut back by half to create a better experience on the floor. The seating capacity will be 400 chairs on the floor. The remaining balcony will be reengineered into a mezzanine with high top tables for worship services.


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